Board Member Recruitment

The Langley Community Farmers’ Market Society is recruiting board members to both strengthen our capacity and to engage fresh perspectives for a renewed vision for the Market in Langley.

From its inception, the Langley Community Farmers’ Market has been conscious that its success would be dependent on a supportive community that would shop at the market but would also be an active partner in defining the role of the market within the community.

 Overall, the purpose of the market is to:

·       Contribute to the economic viability of local farms, cottage industries and small businesses that make, bake or grow their products

·       Operate a market that creates opportunities for these producers to interact with each other and their customers.

·       Offer opportunities for public education in related areas such as nutrition, sustainable agriculture, the local economy, and the environment.

The Board has played different roles over those 10 years, with a recent emphasis on differentiating between governance and management.  We strive for a mix of board members, including from among our vendors, our community partners, and the general public.  For the upcoming board we are looking to add a vendor and up to 2 general members with skills in one or more of: non-profit governance, fundraising and sponsorships, and strategic visioning for the role of the market in the community. 

We hope that this opportunity might be of interest to you!  For more information, contact a current board member at  Or call 604-999-4596.

Volunteer with LCFM

How would you like to volunteer at your local community farmer’s market?  Well, you can!  If you are looking for volunteer experience, have some personal skills you would like to offer, or, learn about event preparation, join our fantastic group of volunteers.  The Langley Community Farmer’s Market would love your help!

For all volunteers, we give a letter of reference upon request for future employment, or to add to a resume.

We are needing volunteers, from 3:30 to 5:30 pm to help us do market take down!  Please fill out the form below or download it here:

Volunteer Form

All applicants will be contacted in the months between March and May.

Thank you!