Langley Eats Local

— 12:00-6:00PM**

This annual event celebrates the abundance of our region with a fantastic lineup of local vendors and activities for the whole family. Explore the diversity of what is produced in Langley and nearby, from vegetables to breads, cheeses, berries, wines and more. Join us to celebrate our local farmers and producers who care for this delicious array of ingredients, all the way from their field to your plate.


The week leading up to Langley Eats Local (August 7-14th, 2019), participants in the Eat Local Challenge pledge to source as much of their food as possible from local producers. Finding foods that were grown and processed locally is a great way to support local farmers – but it’s also an excuse to indulge in fantastic food! Take this as a motivation to revisit all your favorite local ingredients – and you’re sure to learn something new about the food in your own community along the way too. We’ll send you tips and advice all week to help guide your adventure.

You can sign up for the Challenge using this quick form.

As if such good deeds weren’t their own reward, every participant also receives a prize of local coupons and goodies to thank them for their dedication – with chances to win bigger prizes by documenting their week on social media. So yes, please do Instagram your lunch!


If social media isn’t your thing, or you can’t commit to a full week of eating local but you still want to participate, grab a passport!

Pick up your passport at the Langley Community Farmers Market on August 7th, or come into the LEPS office between August 1st and 8th to get one. You will have one week to get 5 out of 10 stamps from various farm stores around Langley! Then drop off your passport at the Langley Community Farmers Market on August 14th for a chance to win a huge swag-filled gift basket of local products!


After a week of local food indulgence, join us at Langley Eats Local on August 14th, 2019, with special extended Market hours from 12:00-6:00pm, at the Langley Community Farmers Market on the KPU Langley campus.


Browsing the wide array of fantastic farm products and ready-to-eat foods will keep you busy all afternoon, but be sure to buy tickets for the local sampling – five appetizers created by locavore chefs for only $5 each:

  • 1:00pm and 3:00pm tastings by Adrian Beaty of Food From The Farm and The Chef’s Shack
  • 4:30pm OceanWise seafood-focussed tastings by RJ Gorman of Wild West Coast Seafoods

We always sell out, so buy your tickets in advance online or at the Farmers Market.


Little kids can try their hands at “farm chores” and big kids can follow a scavenger hunt around the market, with chances to win tasty prizes. Take the opportunity to ask vendors what makes them special. Every one of them has a story to tell about why they are so passionate about good food. Grown-ups can also participate in our pin-board survey about local food for a chance to win a gift basket suited for adult tastes!