Vendor Spotlight June 5th

Any one else on the coffee lovers train? We got you covered at the Market this Wednesday because our Vendor Spotlight is FUEL: Bean supply Canteen. The family run business is located out of  the Lower Mainland. Oh and by the way, they have the cutest staff member you ever did see!!

Cutest staff member you ever did see!

“FUEL is a husband and wife team who import the newest in espresso dispensing units from Italy. “THE COFFEE BEAN CANTEEN” are top of the line, premium espresso machines that are manufactured by The Bianchi Vending Group, one of the more credible names out of Europe in the Vending Solutions Industry. The couple have a first hand relationship with “Mountain Coffee Ltd” a reputable green coffee exporter, who have establish deep ties with fair trade organic coffee farms all over the world. “FUEL: Bean Supply Canteen” strive to give you the experience of enjoying gourmet specialty coffee from local espresso bars or specialty cafes, but pride in bringing that privilege right to the everyday 9 to fiver’s office. Gourmet Specialty Coffee should be enjoyed at work, this is what “FUEL: Bean Supply Canteen” intends to make more available but most importantly, at a more affordable cup for today’s society.” Source www.faceebook,com/FUELbeansupplycanteen/

At the Fuel booth, you will find decadently, smooth and rich Espressos, Mochas and Lattes in your choice of cold or hot! Made to order with total enthusiasm! The beans are organic free trade…an ethical choice!

Free Trade Beans

Be sure to give these amazing people and their amazing coffee company a follow on Instagram and a like on Facebook and come by this Wednesday for a brew!! 🙂

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