Vendor Spotlight June 26th – Wild West Coast Seafoods

Can we talk about our amazing Seafood vendor for a minute here? Wild West Coast Seafoods can be spotted in the big blue truck in the parking lot of our Wednesday afternoon market!

Ron Gorman Sr with his wife Laurel Gorman, started the family run business back in 2008. Ron was a trawl fisherman for 40 years on the West coast and always maintained a passion about bringing in the freshest quality catch. 

As a member of the CGRCS , they work in partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation and The Living Oceans Society to increase protected 
areas on the BC coast, while improving catch methods to reduce 
environmental impact. This is such an important value to demonstrate!

Ron Gorman Jr, has worked in this family business from the beginning as the face at the markets and continues his father’s legacy of bringing quality, wild, local, fisherman caught and locally processed seafoods to BC families. (There are 5 fisherman dedicated to heading out on the boat(s) to catch!)  We love how the whole family (and it’s a big family by the way) helps out in running the biz…the passion shows!

The menu is packed full of delicious items like Salmon Candy, Pacific Cod, Spot Prawns, Smoked Blackcod, Nova Scotia Scallops, Wild Sushi Grand – Albacore Tuna, Sockeye Salmon. Lobster, Clams, and gluten/grain free Lingcod and Coho Patties.

I chatted with Ron last Wednesday and asked what HIS favorite product is…and with a hem and a haw (it was a hard one for him to answer!) he replied The Halibut Cottage Pie! It is in collaboration with local Chef Adrian that the scrumptious pies (salmon, cod & halibut varieties) are made…thanks Adrian!

We asked Ron what it is exactly that he loves so much about being a part of the Langley Community Farmers Market and he said “The friendly connections with customers in the Market community. The gratitude for good food coming to the market.” We are also thankful for your good food Wild West Coast!

“the gratitude for good food coming to the market.” ~Ron

Be sure to check out Wild West Coast on Facebook and Instagram. You can also catch them at the Port Coquitlam, Haney & White Rock markets or even order on line (this is NEW folks!)

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