Vendor Spotlight July 3rd – Koji Fine Foods

This company you guys…the vibe is awesome and the product, amazing!! Denver, the Owner and Creator of this local company is super cool to chat with and inspired to bring his clients top quality products. His story of how the Koji journey began stems from a time 8 years ago when Denver’s mom was sick and unable to taste much of anything that she ate. So, on a mission to bring deliciousness back to his mom’s life, Denver created Koji Fine Foods. On the website, Koji is described as the single fundamental ingredient that is needed to produce many common items that are already in your kitchen like: soy sauce, miso, mirin, rice wine vinegar, sake and many others.

Koji Salt adds a depth of flavour that will turn your everyday recipes into something new and different. It is a flavour enhancer that will impart a sweet, salty, savory, umami that you fall in love with. It will be sure to become your new secret ingredient that you wont want to tell your friends your secret.

Denver says, ‘We have been making and enjoying our Koji based foods in our home for years. Our family and friends have been pushing us to take our awesome Koji products and share them with the world. We have taken the leap, leased a commercial kitchen in Chilliwack and are doing just that. We have started Canada’s first and only Soy sauce micro brewery. For now we are offering Koji Salt and miso balls while in 2020 we will have soy sauce ready to go. We want to be the local Vancouver Connection for authentic Shoyu style soy sauce and real Koji Fermented foods.’

In getting to know more about the company, I learned that Koji is a Top 10 Finalist in Vancouver Magazine and Denver is a Top 40 Vancouver Foodie in Western Living Magazine…way to go Koji!!

Their Miso Soup is a favorite of mine and I love to have a cup for lunch! They describe their Miso Balls as real food. Naturally fermented miso and real seasoning with no preservatives. They sell their miso balls fresh! Offering a nutritious, probiotic alternative for an afternoon coffee replacement or light lunch at the office.

Denver told us that “As Langley residents, we take great pride in supporting our local market.”

Go give Koji Fine food some loving on Facebook and Instagram and pop by the booth for a sample!

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