Vendor Spotlight July 17th – Stapleton Sausage Co.

This week we have a favorite of many of you as our Vendor of the Week! Stapleton Sausage Co. is a ‘staple’ name in so many households. I know it is in ours…and we often have a delicious sausage dinner…yum!

Lorn Stapleton, the owner and founder of Stapleton Sausages began his journey in 1965 as his story on the website will tell you… “In April of 1965, after two years of apprentice meat cutting, I got the urge to travel, so “go west young man, go west” is what I did, all the way to Vancouver, BC. I was bursting with confidence and optimism so, immediately set out to find a job (since I had very little money in my pocket). Dressed in a suit and tie, somewhat nervous and practicing my little speech, I entered a big supermarket. After a brief conversation with the manager, he told me to start work the following day, and so my career in the retail meat market industry resumed.


  1. Stapleton was originally named Chef’s Natural Sausage
  2. Lorn has 4 children (the business is family run)
  3. The sausages can be found at over 70 retailers; here is a list

Stapleton Sausage Co. is committed to making a quality product; they do this by hand-making their sausages in a local facility (Surrey, BC) using only the highest quality, natural ingredients that contain no artificial preservatives. The sausages are gluten free and low in sodium and fat (lean cuts of meat only from local meat sources).

On market day you will be greeted by the amazing sisters Lori and Loretta. They are always bursting with positive energy as they run the bustling booth…cooking up sausages on a stick and providing samples for all the passersby. And you can bet, people come just to buy this delicious product!

In chatting with the ladies (Lori and Loretta) they told me that the best thing about being a part of local community markets is interacting with the customers and that it is always awesome to see the (positive) reaction of everyone trying the meat! I mean what’s not to love? Both ladies work their butts off setting up and taking down all the equipment each week and have dedicated their time to the company since 2013. Come say hi this Wednesday and see what all the fuss is about!

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