Vendor Spotlight – July 11th

Dee’s Jewelry Box is handmade jewelry with a unique fun style. Based in Maple Ridge, Dee is inspired by the beauty of her surroundings in British Columbia – evident in the variety of creations!

Dee always loved pushing the limits on fashion when she was in her teens. Little crazy at times but her mom loved to see what she would wear every day and eventually she calmed down her fashion sense. Well, it all started up again two years ago when she wanted to make my own necklace for a Christmas party and became hooked with the craft! She ended up making 20 necklaces, 50 bracelets and a crazy amount of earrings and (clearly) couldn’t wear them all. So she had to figure out a way to sell them and so began Dee’s Jewelry Box.

Dee’s relationship with her niece is the driving force and she tell tell you ” I owe my inspiration and commitment to my beautiful niece Alexis. I always tell her “who’s the adult in this relationship.” Even though she is in Ontario and I am here in British Columbia, she is the person I go to for advise on life and my work (my passion). She gives me ideas and her beauty inspires me. She is a minimalist and that has tamed my creations a bit. Love you!

Dee’s lovely collection include necklaces, leather bengals, leather wrap bracelets, ring and even some gorgeous recycled pieces! Dee’s website gives the convenience of shopping online…check it out here SHOP!

You will find Dee at our market smiling and always bubbly! You gotta pop by here booth, say hi and take a peek!!

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