Vendor Spotlight August 15th

Mae’s Peri Peri


Our Vendor Spotlight this week is Maes Peri Peri. Who likes their food spicy? This Portuguese hot sauce packs a punch! Unlike other PeriPeri sauces, Maes (which means ‘mother’ in Portuguese ) uses only the freshest peppers along with other ingredients when preparing the medium, hot, extra hot and super extra hot concoctions. The chili sauce contains no preservatives, artificial colorants or flavourings, no MSG and is Gluten Free. 


Ilona Scott along with her husband Lance who has equally contributed to the growing success of their family owned company, can be found at the Wednesday market handing out samples of their delicious product to shoppers. Mae’s is also happy to provide customers with a sheet of three wonderful ways to use the sauce; Mae’s Peri Peri Chip & Veg Dip, Mae’s Peri Peri Chicken Wings and Mae’s Chicken Livers. Since beginning their journey, Ilona and Lance have sold over 2,500 jars of their sauce, maintained an excellent five star rating on their Facebook page and joined the world of Farmer’s Markets as a vendor! They were also featured in a Fraser Valley Lifestyle Mag article that can be read HERE.

Currently Ilona and Lance are working on a milder version of the fresh Peri Peri sauce for those that find the regular a little on the hot side. Also on the works is a BBQ rub and a Peri Peri seasoning salt. The couple is really close to finalizing these products and hope to debut  the BBQ rub this Wednesday…come on by and have a try!  

Be sure to check out their Facebook and Instagram! Purchase at Market or to order contact Ilona at 

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