Spotlight July 31st – Our Volunteers

I want to take a moment or two right now to talk about our amazing Volunteers here at the Langley Community Farmers Market! Since my time here, (3 years now) I have had the utmost pleasure of working along side these lovely ladies. And THAT my friends is one of my favorite things about the market.

I’d like to start off by saying thank you…thank you for always coming on time. Thank you for always smiling and adding your warmth to our day. Thank you for policing the parking and welcoming everyone (babies and dogs alike!) Thank you for looking after the info booth and answering the Shopper’s questions….you three sure know your shtuff! 🙂 Thank you for adding fun to the day and sitting out there whether it’s blazing hot or damp and cold. Thank you for caring and being a part of the TEAM!!

If you frequent the Market, you will know the friendly faces of Lorraine Furness, Nancy White and Marg Nowell. And you will also know how dedicated they are to the Market!

Lorraine Furness has been a volunteer with the Market for 5 years…now that is dedication! She has an outgoing and lovable personality and always has wonderful stories of family and life to share! When asked what Lorraine’s favorite part about being a volunteer at the Langley Community Farmers Market was, she told us; “I volunteer at Langley Community Farmers Market for many reasons, but mainly because it makes me happy.  It is very easy to be depressed with the world being in turmoil at the moment, but the market is everything that is good in the world, We have programs to help people eat better more healthy local food , we have a young entrepreneurs program, so kids can feel empowered and successful, we hold special events that educate us about foods we may have never tried before , (think vegan honey). It is a place where people help people.    I really enjoy the sense of community, the friendship of the other volunteers,  it makes me feel good knowing I am supporting our local farmers and small businesses.  I love volunteering in such a positive environment.”

Nancy White has been with the Market now for 3 years and her bubbly personality is always welcome! Along with helping manage the info booth, Nancy is usually the one who is taking our customer count. This is an extremely important task as keeping track of the foot traffic assists the board to determine, how well the market is functioning from a number stand point. When asked what part of the Market is Nancy’s favorite, she cheerfully answered “I enjoy being a volunteer because I am involved in a friendly, healthy & supportive environment. I enjoy meeting new people & supporting the vendors and community.”

Marg Nowell has been a dedicated volunteer for 5 years now and never misses a beat! She is the first one to arrive in the morning and I am always greeted with a nice hug! Marg is a beautiful soul and amazing addition to the Volunteer team at the market. She is in charge of preparing the Vendor files with the day’s paperwork and letters and distributes them all at the beginning of the day. Marg told us without hesitation that “the people and all the vendors” are what she loves most of all!

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer with the Langley Community Farmers Market contact Lisa today at

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