The BC Farmers’ Markets – Nutrition Coupon Program Fund provides an opportunity for lower-income families, seniors and pregnant women to buy fresh, locally grown food from local farmers throughout BC at participating farmers markets. 

This innovative healthy eating program strengthens food security and supports farmers’ markets across British Columbia. 85 community partner organizations provide coupons to lower-income families, seniors and pregnant women participating in their food literacy programs. Recipients can use the coupons to buy fruits, vegetables, cheese, eggs, nuts, fish and meat, at any of the 59 farmers’ markets that participate in the program.

The FMNCP impacts 10,000 lower-income British Columbians from over 3,500 households. The majority of families, seniors and pregnant women who participate report that the program allows them to buy healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy) and feel healthier and more connected to their community.

At the same time, the more than 900 BC farmers who accept these coupons benefit directly, dollar for dollar, with each coupon redeemed. This serves to sustain local farmers and farm lands, while strengthening our overall local food system.

Donate to the Nutrition Coupon Program Fund

Your donation to the Farmers’ Market Nutrition Coupon Program will make it possible for those in need in our community to buy fresh, locally grown food from BC farmers at the Langley Community Farmers Market. 

Each $20 donation supports a recipient to buy healthy, nutrient-dense food from their farmers’ market one time. A donation of $320 will buy enough coupons for one recipient to participate all season! When donating you have the option to select the Langley community to ensure your donation stays local and helps support your favourite Langley Community Farmers Market farmer. 

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