Langley Eats Local

Langley Eats Local is an annual event celebrating the bounty of our region with a fantastic lineup of local vendors. Here you will find a variety of products from produce to bread, cheeses, berries, wines and more. Join us to celebrate our local farmers and producers who care for this delicious array of ingredients, all the way from the field to your plate.

Take the Challenge

For one week in August, Langley community members can pledge to source as much of their food as possible from local producers! Support local farmers by finding foods that were grown and processed locally – and don’t forget what’s growing in your own backyard, too.

Take the Eat Local Challenge to embark on a week-long guided exploration of all that our region has to offer, with helpful newsletters pointing to resources in your own neighbourhood. Every participant also receives a gift of local coupons and goodies to thank them for their dedication – with chances to win bigger prizes by documenting their week on social media. So yes, please do Instagram your breakfast!

Starting in July, you can sign up for the Challenge here:

Join Us at Langley Eats Local

Langley Eats Local takes place in early August, at the Langley Community Farmers Market.

Each year promises more fun with all kinds of activities for the whole family. While younger kids try their hands at “farm chores” and their older siblings follow a scavenger hunt around the market, those with more adult tastes can sample a selection of appetizers created by Langley locavore chef, Adrian Beaty, for just $5. (Tickets for the sampling are sold in advance and at the Farmers Market starting in July.) And don’t forget the food and craft vendors, farm resources and activities, and tasty prizes to be won!

We hope to see you at the Langley Community Farmers Market in August!