Langley Community Farmers Market Community Engagement Meeting

On 21 October, 2015, we hosted a community engagement event for the Langley Community Farmers Market Society.  The purpose of this event was to inform a strategic plan for the LCFM, which will be presented to the AGM in March of 2016.  We would like to share with you some of the valuable input harvested from those who were able to attend and ask you to provide your own input on the future of the Langley Community Farmers Market.  Take our Community Engagement Survey below and find out what others had to say below the survey! We appreciate your participation and look forward to seeing you again next season.

Community Engagement Survey

Summarized Meeting Feedback

Below are some of the ideas brought forward in this meeting that we would like to share with you.

Q: Why do you care about the Market?  Why do you come to the Market?
What we have heard so far is that vendors come to the market, foremost, to earn a living.  It is also a place to meet and learn from colleagues, and to interact in a direct way with customers. We have heard from customers that they care about the market as a place where they can put their dollars to work in the local community, supporting people they meet and come to think of as part of their community.  They also like to meet friends at the market, and get a sense of what is going on in Langley.  Our community partners care about the market as a place where community happens, and because they see in the market potential for enhancing shared values.  Our market is a community asset.

Q: What do you think could happen for the Langley Community Farmers’ Market to become GREAT?
What we have heard so far is that a GREAT market is one that serves the needs of vendors, customers and community partners.  It should be logistically straight-forward to set up and take down; it could use its venue as a forum for community education (more cooking demonstrations; recipes; information on farms and farmers; links into the community with information booths); and it is clear about what it is, and what it isn’t (a strong strategic vision, clear marketing, and lots of it – traditional, and social media, too).  A GREAT market has food to eat right away, and is a place to linger, mingle, and interact; it has a high profile in the community – both visually, and in peoples’ mind.

Q: What can I do to contribute to the success of the Market? Do you think you have something to contribute that will help take the market to its next level of GREATness?
What we have heard so far from vendors is that they can commit to regular attendance at the market, and to constant education and improvement in their presentation at market.  We have heard from customers that they would like to be Ambassadors for the market, and want to contribute to a strong vision for the next 5 years.  We have heard from community partners that they would like to have relationships with the market that are strategic and promote shared values.  We have heard from volunteers that they want to stick with the market, and with characteristic enthusiasm and dedication, be part of the team that moves the market forward.

Q: Are there other thoughts you would like to share?  Do you have lingering thoughts? 
What we have heard so far is that consideration should be given to changing the time and location for the market; that weather that is too hot, or too wet hurts the market and that a location that mitigates these factors would be ideal.

Thanks again for your participation in making the Langley Community Farmers Market the best Market it can be!

The Langley Community Farmers Market Team.

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