Introducing our 2021 Vendors!
Introducing our 2021 Vendors!

Introducing our 2021 Vendors!

Stapleton Sausage Co.

Stapleton Sausage Co. is committed to making a quality product. They do this by hand-making their sausages in their family owned facility using only the highest quality, natural ingredients that contain no artificial preservatives.

Marie’s Guilt Free

Marie’s Guilt Free Bakery offers Gluten Free Baked Goods, Gluten Free Flour Mix and Gluten Free Jams and Jellies. Whether you have a medical diet restriction or you’re just trying to eat healthier, they can cater to you.

Triple W Farms

Growing vibrant vegetables and leafy greens right out of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Triple W Farms can help keep you and your family nourished.


Black Table Farms

Growing and supplying delicious, nutritious vegetables from the Township of Langley, we are thrilled to have Black Table Farm has a vendor at the 2021 Market.

Fae’s Florals

Stunning bouquets and arrangements that you can purchase as a gift for a loved one, or as a gift for yourself! Swing by to see the beautiful florals from Fae!

Goldsmith Dressings

Goldsmith Dressings is a family business inspired by love and growth. We would like to share flavours that have been in the family since 1975 starting with our Garlic Vinaigrette. A salad dressing that has been brought to every special occasion and holiday by the pickiest of eaters, our father.

Dhaliwal Farms

A local farm fresh produce producer from Langley Township, Dhaliwal Farm produces beautiful home grown vegetables for you and your family.

Camp Beer Co.

“Founded by 100% local ownership with grassroots in the homebrewing community and a strong passion for craft beer. Camp is a community-based brewery and tasting room supplying the need for better beer and quenching the thirst of craft for our friends and neighbors”

Farm Country Brewing

“A love for high quality and flavourful craft beer started us on this exciting journey. Along the way, we have been inspired by all of the wonderful people that we have met throughout the craft beer industry who make it a truly one of a kind industry.”

Smuggler’s Trail

Smugglers Trail is an award-winning brewery based in historic Langley, BC. “Our brewery is named for the infamous outlaws who traveled the Smugglers Trail during BC’s 19th Century Gold Rush.”

Trading Post Brewing

“Throughout history, breweries have been a fundamental part of the communities they serve. Here at Trading Post, we are no different. Our modern day Craft Brewery and Eateries were born out of a passion for great beer and from our desire to serve the communities we call home”

Mediterra Soaps

All Natural Eco friendly raw ingredients. Created in small batches to make my soaps a unique treat to all.

Ancient Manta

“The interest and passion for learning and formulating natural remedies has been passed through many generations in my family. My great grandmother was a self taught master in natural remedies and spent a greater part of her life learning the healing powers of herbal remedies, researching the therapeutic properties of essential oils and developing our formulations.”

Corbicula Pollen

“What sets Corbicula Pollen apart from other bee pollen on the market is both our processing standards and our source diversity. Honeybees will go through great lengths to collect pollen from as many sources as possible for a holistic diet.Most bee pollen available on the market is yellow which comes predominantly from canola or grain crops from the prairies. At Corbicula our pollen is all the colours of the rainbow!”

Comb Sweet Comb

“Our amazingly delicious, no spray, totally local honey is available for purchase in various sizes from the farm at 6328 264 Street in Aldergrove”

Fort Girl Candle Company

“100% natural soy candles with essential oils made in Fort Langley BC.Hand picked scents posted each month to suit that month, along with sizes available. re-purposed jars. Refill program available”

Saint Michael Foods ( BUCK )

“Discover the delicious flavours of BUCK – a delicious gluten-free, dairy-free, allergen friendly –  made from clean, simple ingredients.  Our culture is about BUCKing the trend and being bold and bringing out the best of this mighty seed that is a natural nutrition powerhouse and a seed that replenishes the earth for other plants to grow that is harvested in Canada and the United States”

Infusion Premium Foods

“Our sauces are created for today’s tastes and tables. Centuries old flavours infused in 4 distinct ways: Premium classic, unique sriracha, heat ginger, and sweet garlic deep”

Solsta Chocolate

Exceptional, premium quality made locally in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Crusin’ Tabazi

“It is said that the best tasting foods around the world is street food. In our Food Truck, we vouch to bring you the best street food of Mauritius. What first started as a dream, is now a reality, and wherever our wonderful journey takes us, we want you to experience it with us. ”

Betty’s Greek Honey Ballz

“To bring a different taste of the world to our customers through a friendly and warm environment”

Nectaro Nector

“We are a local Vancouver based company producing 100% fresh wellness shots that can be drunk straight up or mixed with water. Base of all our products is cold pressed ginger root, freshly squeezed lemon and raw local clover honey. We offer different flavors and different ginger strength. Choose from Original, Turmeric, Pineapple, Carrot or Celery flavor.

Nectaro Ginger Extract is not pasteurized and contains whole raw ingredients only!

Island Jerky

“Island Jerky is made by 3J’s Smokehouse in Sidney, BC and is not your typical jerky.  We create the best hickory wood smoked beef jerky available in BC. Founded in 2013 in Sidney, BC.  The Smokehouse has been a local producer on Vancouver Island. We pride ourselves in using the highest quality of beef and spices that produces a lean true wood smoked beef jerky. Available in Original (that is wheat free) and Teriyaki (that is not sweet) and our newest flavour Black Pepper (also wheat free) – our customers can never get enough.”

Mountain Candle Company

Beautiful Natural Soy Wax Candles inspired by nature.

Hats & More

Hand crocheted fashion items, children’s items, household items, and pet items.

Personal Touch

“The idea was to create a family owned business to earn an extra income and to have control over our future and our retirement plans. The blending of  the creativity involved in our handcrafted products and the knowledge that we are salvaging and reusing natures own creations to bring ours to life gave us a perfect balance.”

The Lavender Shack

Products made with Lavender

Fresh Bark Co

Raw, Dehydrated Dog Treats

Dispy Doodle Candy

Dipsy Doodle Candy is is White Rock B.C.  I make homemade hard candy lollipops, marshmallows and pixie sticks, custom party favours. I also use candy to make fun creations