Golden Ears Cheesecrafters – Curds Please

Golden Ears Cheesecrafters, a local family run cheese business makes some pretty darn tasty and SQUEAKY cheese curds!!

What the heck are cheese curds anyway? According to, cheese curds are an essential product of the cheese making process. Before cheeses like cheddar are formed into blocks or wheels and aged, they start out as curds. Fresh cheese curds have a slightly rubbery texture and squeak when you eat them.

So, why are these yummy little cheese pieces so squeaky? The elastic protein strands in cheese curds rub against the enamel of your teeth and create the squeak. Hmm…who woulda thought? This sound is actually is the sign of its freshness. More squeak = more freshness. After about twelve hours or so, curds will begin to lose that squeakiness and then after a couple of days, you can restore squeak by popping it into the microwave for a few seconds.

Langley Community Farmers’ Market Day every Wednesday means fresh curds from Golden Ears Cheesecrafters (but, come early to get them, they sell out FAST!) Now, what to do with them? With bag of curds in my hand, I headed home for a bit of recipe research! To my surprise, there were more recipes than expected like Vodka Battered CheeseCheese Curd Quesadillas, Grilled Chicken Taco Salad with Seared Cheese Curds and of course Poutine. Being a classic that I have enjoyed a couple times before, poutine seemed the best choice!


Thank you Golden Ears Chessecrafters…this poutine was super easy to make…gravy, fries, chives, and cheese curds SO amazing!! This gooey goodness was definitely a wonderful treat so, if you are craving a little poutine one of these days, I highly recommend picking some cheese curds up from this family run biz!!

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