Farmer’s Almanac Says

Here’s what the 2018 Farmer’s Almanac says…

This Summer has been darn hot to put it bluntly. This last week of August has been sitting at temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland’s Fraser Valley!

The Old Farmer’s Almanac has released the long-term forecast across Canada and if you don;t love the cold temperatures, frost and snow, you’ll be a happy about the news.

For the Southern B.C. region, including the entire bottom half of the Province, it will actually be a slightly warmer winter than we are used to. There will also be a below normal amount of precipitation and snowfall throughout the winter months with the coldest periods of the winter being late December and most of January and February.

So what’s in store for next Spring and Summer? Well, both April and May of 2018 are expected to bring above average temperatures with near to, or below, normal precipitation for that time of year. What happend to April Showers bring May flowers? Let’s hope this does not play a negative affect on all of our local Farmers counting on prime weather conditions for growth of their crops and fields!

Then, if we look ahead even further into next summer, there will be slightly cooler and drier conditions than normal, with the hottest periods coming in early to mid June, mid to late July and early August.

It goes to show that each year is very different than the next…let’s see if these predictions are accurate!

Here is a look at the When to Harvest Guide for 2018 

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