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aims to represent an ancient way of healing our bodies, through the power of 100% naturally grown plants and herbs. The company’s primary focus is on creating 100% pure natural, essential oil synergies, massage oils and hydrosols (“flower waters”)  An essential oil is a concentrated, aromatic liquid that is obtained right from the fruits, seeds, flowers, bark, stems, roots, leaves or other parts of a plant.

Essential oils are known to promote good health mentally, physically and emotionally. The owner of Ancient Mantra Naturals, Raman tells us that she has spent a tremendous amount of time learning the healing powers of herbal remedies, researching the therapeutic properties of essential oils, and developing her formulations. All products are handcrafted, from scratch, in small batches to uphold our quality and freshness standard.

I decided to give one of their products a try! But, there are so many lovely roll ons to choose from including Morning Raga, Good Karma, Sleep, Stress Relief and more. After a quick, informative lesson from Raman herself about the different varieties, she suggested I try the Anxiety Relief (which is their most popular selling roll on.) The Anxiety Relief helps calm emotions. It generates a tranquil, grounding reassuring energy. The ingredients found in the 10ml glass roll-on container, all blended into a base of sweet Almond oil are;


An anti-bacterial must-have for your first-aid kit. Its calming and sedative properties make Lavender Essential Oil a lovely oil to assist in relaxation and sleep as well as combating stress. And it’s one of the safest of essential oils.


A very exotic aroma, Vetiver is best known for providing a calming, grounding effect on emotions—making it ideal for relaxing massage and promoting restful sleep.


Research has found that rose oil can improve some skin problems such as acne, balance hormones, relieve anxiety, improve depression and even increase libido.


Has calming and uplifting abilities. It is also known to dissipate anxious feelings while cleansing and purifying the skin too.


Its properties soothe the body systems as it supports calming effects for the skin and body as well as the mind.

All in all I must say the aroma of this mixture is very pleasant. I would describe it as woodsy and sweet with small hints of citrusy hiding somewhere in there! I love to apply this oil to my wrists as it lives up to it’s promise of generating a calm, tranquil, grounding and reassuring energy. I highly recommend Ancient Mantra Naturals for their customer service and product quality!!

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