Sunday Chicken Dinner

Sundays at our house, generally evolve quite nicely into a time of relaxation…they are a little less hectic with no work, no school and no ball games to drive to; awesome! So, what’s for dinner? How about a simple classic meal say like…roasted chicken? I tell you, we were in for a wonderful treat thanks to Central Park Farms! A whole, organic, free range chicken oh yeah baby!! This beautiful bird was the perfect blank slate to season up and cook any ol’ way we wanted.

My beau Chris and I quickly decided on a dry rubbed chicken and garlic sauce potatoes with veggies mmmmm! Chris tossed together a delish rub of garlic powder, onion flakes, paprika, pepper and basil while I whipped up a garlicy sauce of fresh purple striped garlic, water, evoo and fresh chopped cilantro.

We cut up the potatoes in to dollar size pieces and added the garlic sauce and rubbed the spicy concoction all over the chicken, popped into the oven for an hour and a half and enjoyed the yummy aromas that crept into the living room! You shoudla smelled it! We prepared carrots, green beans and mushrooms for our veggies.

Two hours from prep to plate, we sat down in the dining room with a fantastic looking (and selling) Sunday dinner! As we dug in, it was clearly unanimous that the Central Park Farms chicken was to die for!! Super, duper juicy, tender and oh so flavorful. Our family gave a definite two thumbs and 10 out of 10 rating. We 100% hands down recommend choosing Central Park Farms free range, organic chickens for your next chicken feast!

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